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Frequently Asked Questions

Entrust the management of pregnancy to experienced professionals!

Doctors of the Center for Reproduction and Family Planning are engaged in individual management of pregnancy, as well as preparation for pregnancy and childbirth. Experienced obstetricians and gynecologists will make for you a program of observations during pregnancy, taking into account hereditary or chronic pathologies. We are convinced that competent pregnancy management under the supervision of a specialist is a guarantee of the health of the future mother and child. We pay special attention to the problems of miscarriage and toxemia during pregnancy on the background of bleeding disorders. Unique methods of prenatal diagnosis, developed by clinicians, can save pregnancy in 95% of cases, moreover, even in patients with habitual miscarriage.


Physiotherapy is a branch of medicine that studies the therapeutic effect on human health of natural and physical factors and develops methods for their use with therapeutic and preventive purposes.

The most commonly used factors in physiotherapy are: heat, cold, ultrasound, electric current, magnetic field, laser, ultraviolet, infrared and other types of radiation. Physiotherapy procedures have a more physiological effect on the body than many drugs. The task of physiotherapy is to achieve the greatest therapeutic effect with the least load on the body. Often, therapeutic factors are used in intermittent (pulsed) mode and in small doses. The choice of the factor, its dose and method of application, as well as a combination of several factors is determined by the form and stage of the disease and the state of the body. Physiotherapeutic agents are effective at different stages of treatment and medical rehabilitation. Physical therapy wakes up the body's internal reserves, strengthens the immune system and thereby reduces the treatment time, accelerates the healing of wounds and inflammation, activates the most important biochemical processes in the body, setting up the body's natural forces for recovery.